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What is Inktober?

Hello everyone 🙂

I have decided a bit last minute to do Inktober this year! It will be my first time, and it’s exciting and a little bit stressful 🙂 If you’re following me on Instagram @ness.draws, you’ll soon see my Inktober pieces daily and soon taking over my gallery, so I thought I dig a little bit into Inktober and explain what it is if you are unfamiliar with it. And even if you’re familiar with it, maybe you’ll learn something new!

So what is Inktober?

In the simplest term, it’s an internet challenge for artists to create one piece of art in traditional ink for every day of October, so 31 drawings in total. Started in 2009 by Jake Parker, a professional comic artist, children’s book illustrator and teacher, the challenge is a way to practice, have fun and promote good drawing habits. It has since become an extremely popular web phenomenon, adopted by thousands of artists and very present on social media during the month of October, year after year.

Originally, Inktober was conceived as a traditional medium challenge, as a way for digital artists to practice dexterity and control with pen, quill or brush for a month. Over the years, the challenge has grown and become a beast of its own, with artists choosing to use watercolors, paints, markers and even digital media to do Inktober. The creator of the challenge himself admits that even though it wasn’t the initial intent of the challenge, the goal in the end is to practice and have fun so everyone should do what works best for them. Even if you’re not a seasoned artist, you’re welcome to join in of course!

Anyone can do Inktober. Just pick up a pen and start drawing.

How to do Inktober?

The rules are very simple: make a drawing or painting in ink or your preferred medium every day and upload it to

your social media with the hashtag #inktober or #inktober2018. Basically, that’s all you need to know to get started! Some people decide to do the entire month, others decide to do only a few days, or half a month. Inktober isn’t actually a contest of any sort, so each artist is encouraged to adapt it to fit their lives. The main goal is to have fun!

The main premise is very large and vague, so over the years there has been lists of “prompts” going around. These lists are suggestions of themes for someone who wants an extra challenge, or is simply struggling to find inspiration. You can find hundreds of prompt lists available online each year, but there are also official prompts from Jake Parker that you can use. The image to the right shows this year’s official prompts.

What will I do?

As for me though, I won’t be using these prompts but instead I’ll follow my own theme. I’m currently designing new prints collections for my upcoming shop, and one I really want to do is an all black and white collection. It occurred to me only last week that Inktober is actually the perfect opportunity to make this collection! I will be making 31 nursery prints in October. The collection won’t be 100% in traditional ink, but it will be inspired by the look of black ink and mix traditional ink with digital. I’m very excited and can’t wait to show you what I come up with!

Are you inspired to join Inktober yourself? Let me know in the comments is you’re participating this year and what you are doing exactly!

Until next time, be safe!

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