Welcome to my website!


Hello everyone, and welcome to my website!

I have worked very hard over the last few weeks to put this together. When I decided I’d had enough of using public platforms and portfolio websites and wanted something more professional, custom just for me, I started with zero knowledge about how to go about building such a thing. I did my research, listened to a few webinars and a few weeks (and a lot of sweat!) later, voila! My own website, built in WordPress, ready to launch!

I plan to keep improving it and adding to it as time goes by. The very next thing on my list is adding an online shop to my site… A whole other can of worms, I know hihi. But when I am on a mission, nothing can stop me! WooCommerce, here I come!

So far the idea is to launch a collection of nursery prints, stickers and custom portraits. I would love to hear from you though: what kind of products would you be interested in?


The other thing I want to talk about a little is the website’s branding and appearance. I was so inspired and it was such a joy to develop!

I decided to go with a minimalist and feminine approach. I limited my palette to black and white, grays and a pop of washed out pink. I’m using Rufina and Montserrat for my fonts, in case you’re curious!

For my logo, I went again for something really simple – all text based – and love how it turned out! As an illustrator, I tend to make complicated and illustration heavy logos, but this time I was able to rein it back in and make something really simple.

I also needed a name and logo for my future shop! I wanted it all to be tied in together in one package, so what could go well with Ness Illustration? I settled for SweetNess, and made a matching logo! The cute font I’m using for Sweet is called BlackJack.


And this is the final result of all my hard work! Please have a little look around my new website and let me know what you think 🙂 I’ll see you again soon with more blog posts!

Until then, stay safe everyone!

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